Cindy Mello Height and Weight

When it comes to fashion models, Cindy Mello ranks among the best. Not only does she have the look of a superstar, but she also earns a substantial amount of money through her work. She is currently signed to Ford Models New York. Although she hasn’t walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she’s already a name you know.

Cindy Mello is a Brazilian model who’s known for her social media presence. Her Instagram account has more than a million followers. In addition, she has worked with brands like Levi’s and Maxim. One of her biggest projects came from Adidas in 2014.

Cindy is a fan of travel, and she spends her free time on the beach and in the gym. However, she prefers a low-key lifestyle. She’s been known to be reserved, but she has many friends and fans. For example, she’s become friends with Kendall Jenner.

Cindy has a Pisces zodiac sign and was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She was raised by a Christian family. Though she’s a vegetarian, she eats a lot of fruit as part of her daily diet.

Cindy’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. Her weight is 53 kg (117 lbs). The model has black hair and brown eyes. As of now, she has around 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Since starting her modeling career, she has been working with various designers and photographers. She has appeared in magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Maxim. Also, she has worked on a campaign for Calvin Klein. But she’s most well-known for her undergarments outfits. A few months ago, she started sharing photos of her undergarments on Instagram. Fans have responded favorably to her posts, and she’s risen to popularity with each new post.

Cindy’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million. She makes her money through brand endorsements, commercials, and advertising. Additionally, she’s paid for Instagram posts. According to a report, her average salary is between $100 and $150 a day.

Cindy’s personal life is a mystery, but she has dated American model Ryan Frederick. They broke up in mid-2018. They haven’t publicly discussed their relationship, but they expressed their love for each other on their social media accounts.

Cindy has a Pisces sign, which means she’s a sensitive empath. She’s always been interested in fashion and has been a keen reader of articles about it. Moreover, she has hired a personal trainer. It’s likely that she’s able to maintain her perfect figure thanks to her strict diet and workout.

Cindy is an avid fan of social media, and she loves spending time on the beaches. She’s also a devoted dancer. And she’s always looking for new ways to promote her favorite brands. Currently, she’s promoting MVMT, ASOS, and Victoria’s Secret. She’s even been featured in online fashion brands such as Will Vendramini and LU.

Cindy Mello was born on March 2, 1995, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She has a sister named Camila Felizardo.

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