Darren Elkins Net Worth

If you have heard the name Darren Elkins, then you may be thinking of the tough MMA fighter that he is. In fact, this guy is one of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC. He has been a member of the league for 11 years and has a net worth of about $1 million.

Darren Elkins is an American mixed martial artist who primarily trains in the Featherweight division of the UFC. He is an athletic man with a strong body build, weighing around 65.8 kg and standing 5’10’ tall. He is a married man and has two kids with his wife, Connie.

Darren Elkins started his career in the junior wrestler at his high school. As a sophomore, he was able to qualify for the state wrestling competition. Afterwards, he began his professional career by competing in a number of different promotions before signing with the UFC. During his career in the UFC, he has won a total of twenty-five games. However, he has also lost eight matches. This includes a defeat to Luiz Gfaragorri in 2010.

Darren Elkins fought Hatsu Hioki on August 28, 2013 at UFC Fight Night 27. After the fight, he received $205,000 for his TKO win. The next time he fought, he faced Antonio Carvalho on March 16, 2013. Earlier in 2013, he fought Charles Oliveira in a UFC vs. 2 primer event. For this fight, he received Performance of the Night bonuses.

Darren Elkins’s social media accounts include Twitter and Instagram. He is active on these platforms and regularly posts photos of himself, his wife, and their children.

Darren Elkins’s primary source of income is his job as an MMA fighter. The fighter gets paid through pay-per-view cuts and sponsorships. But he also receives pay for specific videos on his TikTok account. He has a car. And he is a proud father of two children.

Darren and his wife, Connie, are high school sweethearts. They were dating in 2002. After a few years, they got married. Soon after, they had a daughter named Emma. Despite their wedding, they have kept some details of their family life out of the public eye.

Darren and Connie are both born on May 16. They both share the same birthday. Darren and his wife are married for over five years. Darren and his wife have two children, Emma and DJ.

Darren Elkins is an American MMA fighter who is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Besides being a famous fighter, he has earned a net worth of about $1.5 million. His net worth has increased over the years, and he is expected to reach around $2 million by the end of the year. A lot of his money comes from his MMA career, but he is also estimated to have a salary of $82,000 from the UFC in 2020.

Darren Elkins is known for his toughness and giving back hits to his opponents. He has won several bouts by submissions and wins eight of his matches by knockout. Among his notable victories, he beat Luiz Eduardo Garagorri and Darrick Minner in his first two UFC fights. Those two victories helped him to bounce back after a loss against Alexander Volkanovski in 2018.

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