Jen Selter Age – Height, Weight, and Net Worth

If you have a good look at the social media profile of Jennifer Selter, you will notice that she is a fitness guru. It is not a surprise, then, that she enjoys cooking healthy meals and eating fresh juices and salads. Moreover, she is one of the most sought after fitness influencers on the internet. In fact, Jen is the owner of over 12 million followers on her Instagram account.

Her net worth is estimated at around $5 million. Most of her income comes from her acting career. However, she also makes money from other business ventures and commercials. She has worked with many well-known brands such as Nike, New Balance, and Lululemon.

While she was growing up, Jen was often bullied due to her looks. As a result, she decided to stop hiding her beauty. Instead, she began to use her skills to show people that she was beautiful. That is how she started a fitness campaign.

Selter was born in Long Island, New York. She grew up with her older sister Stephanie and half-brother Jacob. They all lived in a Jewish household. After high school, Jen studied cosmetology. Eventually, she took up a job as an assistant to a plastic surgeon.

Jen has also studied blogging. She has an active and popular fitness campaign. She posts photos of her body transformations and outfits on her Instagram account. This became a stepping stone for her to reach her next big career step.

In addition to being a fitness influencer, Jen has also been linked to NBA star Kristaps Porzingis. She hasn’t revealed any details about their relationship. But they have been spotted together in Tulum, Mexico.

Jen’s official website provides tips on nutrition and sports. She also runs a close-knit management team. She has also established a secret Facebook group that is only accessible to her fans.

Aside from her work in the entertainment industry, she also works as a creative director for athletic jewelry brand ION Collection. She has also partnered with several recognizable brands, including Nike, Lululemon, and Circus Fitness. The young celebrity’s net worth is based on her acting career and her endorsements.

Jen Selter has always loved physical activity. She has been an avid gym buff ever since she was young. Even in high school, she participated in a variety of fitness events. One of her favorite activities was lifting weights. Afterwards, she worked in a gym. Despite her love for exercise, she didn’t pursue a college education.

At age 15, Jen underwent nose surgery. While she claims that she was only having a rhinoplasty, the procedure has become a point of interest for some. Interestingly, Jen’s appearance in a magazine article about a rhinoplasty has also led to her being publicized.

As for her other accomplishments, Jen has been named as one of the 82 Most Desirable Women of 2014 by AskMen. She has also appeared in many movies and t.v. series, including FHM, Maxim, and Access Hollywood.

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