Kiki Passo – Bikini Model

Kiki Passo is a model and social media star. She is best known for her provocative photos on Instagram. Her pictures have gained millions of followers on the social networking site. The 24-year-old is from Brazil, but she currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Kiki Passo was born in Brazil on May 19, 1997. When she was young, she had an interest in fashion. This interest led her to pursue modeling. After graduating from high school, she moved to the United States. In the future, she will graduate from the University of Miami. While in the United States, she became a model and started posting photos of herself in hot outfits.

Kiki Passo is currently working as a bikini model. As a bikini model, she models for various famous brands. These include Fashion Nova, Boutine, Vrg Grl, and Manscaped. Aside from being a model, she also works as a blogger and conducts live workout sessions. Besides, she writes content for subscription website OnlyFans.

On her official Twitter account, she has a bio that reads, “Miami native and Brazilian bikini model @kiki_passo”. She is an active member of the social media community. She also runs an official Instagram and TikTok account.

Kiki Passo has been a model for several years. She is a health conscious woman, and takes part in exercise every day. Moreover, she loves to travel. She has traveled to Monte Carlo and Rome. In addition to her trips, she has visited several other countries.

When she is not working, Passo is known to enjoy traveling and shopping. She is also a cat lover. One of her pets is named Mimi.

Though she has not revealed any details about her family, it seems like the mother of the model is a housewife, and the father is a local firm manager. Passo has two sisters. However, it is unlikely that they are the parents of the model.

Kiki Passo is a model who has garnered a lot of fans and recognition for her bikini modeling photographs. She has an attractive body and her photos have gained millions of followers. Currently, she has over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Earlier, she was a soccer player. As a result, she announced her retirement from the sport on January 18, 2022. Since then, she has not played football. Although, she has been dating American tennis player Tommy Paul.

Kiki Passo has a large net worth. As of 2021, she is reportedly earning $700,000. She has been a model and social media celebrity for several years. Despite her successful career, she is a health enthusiast. With her dedication to her fitness, she eats a rich protein diet. Nevertheless, she is a health conscious individual and is proud of her body.

She has been a model for the Ignite brand, which is a cannabis company founded by Dan Bilzerian. Passo has modeled for several other brands, including Fashion Nova, KoWatches, Vrg Grl, and Boutine.

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