Rocio Sanchez Azuara

Rocio Sanchez Azuara is a Mexican television presenter who has had an impressive career. She has been in the television industry for many years and has worked for some of the major television networks in the country, including Telemundo, Imagen Television and Azteca. In addition, she has gained fame through her involvement with the program Cosa de la Vida.

Rocio was born in 1963, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She grew up in a family that is well known for their entertainment and politics. At the age of 18, she married Jorge Leon. They had three children, and Rocio eventually moved to Miami. After Rocio’s first husband died in 2006, she remarried Brazilian Marcos Omatti.

Rocio’s daughter Daniela was diagnosed with lupus when she was just twelve years old. Although the illness did not go away, Rocio and her family were able to live with it. The disease was not fatal, but it did cause a lot of stress. This was one of the reasons why Rocio decided to start a program called Anaer.

Rocio is known for her charisma. She has appeared in several TV shows, including Unicable and “Excuse me” hosted by Martha Figueroa and Juan Jose Origel. One of her more popular programs is called “Approach Rocio,” which she hosted on Imagen Television. During this time, she was also a rival to Laura Bozzo, who was then a famous talk show host. Rocio has continued to work despite losing her daughter.

In addition to her show, Rocio has a large social media presence, which includes 700,000 followers on Instagram. She is a good example of how a beautiful and successful woman can maintain a healthy body. Rocio explains the benefits of exercise and diet in her daily posts. Also, she shares photos of her family in Acapulco, Mexico.

Rocio is a very talented and sensitive person, and she has had a lot of challenging experiences. In an interview, she revealed that she was once attacked by actress Laura Bozzo in a restaurant. However, she later learned to handle the situation and move on. She reveals that she has been working hard to help other people who have suffered from similar situations. Her daughter’s death is among the hardest things she has gone through, but she has found ways to help other people.

When she was younger, she had a difficult childhood. Her mother, a famous actress, suffered from a lupus condition, which resulted in her being confined to her home for a long period of time. As a child, she would often get in trouble for stealing food from her mother’s plate. Despite this, Rocio never resorted to drugs or violence.

Despite her tragic past, Rocio has always had a strong and clear vision of what she wants to achieve. This vision has led her to success in her career. Today, she continues to live a healthy lifestyle, and her children and fans continue to admire her.

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