Ruxandra Porojnicu

Ruxandra Porojnicu is a Romanian actress who made her debut in Coronation Street last year. She plays Alina Pop in the longest running soap of all time. As of the writing of this article, she is still going strong, although some reports suggest her time on the show is short lived. In other news, Porojnicu is the proud owner of a pair of ginormous glasses.

The actress is a bona fide fan of her native country, so when she found herself in the British Isles she did what any seasoned expat would do: she got busy. For starters, she enrolled in an acting class at the venerable Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Although she only had a PS300 to her name, she quickly assembled a portfolio of credits, including one in the form of a tuxedo-clad tiger princess. With the likes of John Hammond, Charles Fox and Stephen Fry vying for her attention, the stage was set.

She has since been spotted out and about in London, where she has enjoyed a few glasses of rosé with her colleagues. On the plus side, the actress has a couple of film and TV gigs on the go, including a role in the new BBC series Cyborg Wives. Sadly, she doesn’t have the requisite wacky eel to eat her dinner, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. One of her other big breaks is the role of Salvation Army’s newest mascot: the aforementioned aforementioned tiger princess. Despite the hectic schedule, Porojnicu still manages to maintain her sanity. Having seen her a time or two on the red carpet, she is one to watch in the years to come.

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